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Regional Demographic Location Risk (RDLR)

The measure for Regional Demographic Location Risks (RDLR) is based on the conviction that demographic change is not a location factor by itself. However demographic developments entail specific risks and opportunities when interpreted in combination with location and contextual factors. The number of location factors relevant for company decisions is virtually unlimited. However, not all of them are equally sensitive to demographic cange. The four location factors we consider, Labour Supply, Human Capital, Labour Productivity and Research & Development (R&D), are of high relevance for the majority of companies and are commonly considered as challenged by demographic change. The RDLR measure is the outcome of expert assessment regarding the regional interplay between demographic processes and location factors along with influences exerted by a series of contextual factors. Under “Demographic Location Risk”, the online tool provides field-specific and overall scores for 260 EU regions. The scores allow assessing the relative risk position of a region as compared to all other regions in the EU-27.

Assessing Regional Demographic Location Risk in 5 steps


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